Is It Worth It?

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“Is it worth it?” Have you ever asked that question? If you work with the media of the church, you undoubtedly have asked that questions before. The church graphics are not produced in minutes. Videos for your ministry are usually not produced in a day or two. Websites are not created in a night. Creating media for a church or ministry is not an easy or a quick task. Maybe you can relate with this, it’s 3:00a.m. in the morning, you are on your 4th all-nighter in a row, and you are running on coffee, energy drinks, or a combination of ... Read More

Free Missions Video to Download

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For our 28th Annual National Youth Conference we had a missions theme entitled “Who Will Go?”.  For the conference we made an opening video that challenged the thousands in attendance to consider the missions field.  If young people today do not answer the call to tell others of Christ, who will?  I have cut out references to our conference so others can use it in their ministries.  You are welcome to use this free of charge for your youth meeting, youth conference, missions conference, church service, or whatever you like.  ... Read More

Philippines Missions Trip Video & Pictures

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I have enjoyed every year that God has allowed me to go the mission field, but I must say, this was the greatest year yet. God really touched my heart this year. We visited churches, talked to amazing people, preached in public schools, stayed in a rural home in the mountains, and were heartbroken at the leper hospital.  If you would like to view pictures I took from the trip, visit the North Valley Baptist Church Philippines Missions Page. You can also watch the video we made for our Missions Conference entitled, Making a Difference. I ... Read More

Tech Gear Checklist for Missions Trip 2009

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Here is some of the gear that I bring on the Missions Trip. I have the awesome opportunity to go with our church on the annual missions trip.  I document the whole trip with pictures, a blog and video.  (Check out the Missions trip website – real content will be available on October 6)  It has been an annual trip for me, and I love it!  It is truly a highlight of my year.  I covet your prayers. During the trip, I will take thousands of photos, hours of video, work on daily blog posts for, and have the privilege to preach ... Read More

Fast Professional Videos Using Animoto

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In a week and a half, I leave on the annual Missions Trip to the Philippines.  It is always a highlight of my year.  I have the privilege to document the work being done by our missionaries. Every year I take thousands of photos and hours of video.  I post pictures and a description of the days events online every night. (view photos and videos of previous years) Usually, when we return, I have about 2 weeks to complete a 10 minute video.  The way the dates fall this year, I will only have about 3 days before the conference begins and ... Read More