Annual Church Theme Ideas

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Every year around October, an annual theme is determined for North Valley Baptist Church.  I’m not writing this post to discuss the value of church themes (I think they are great); there are other websites for that.  However, I do hope to be a help for those that are determining their church (youth, camp, class, etc.) theme and would like some ideas. I am in no way an expert at designing logos (as you will see below), but for the past 10+ years I’ve had the privilege of creating the logo and the look for the annual theme. ... Read More

How to Create a Church Website Using WordPress

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Many church websites are outdated in both it’s design and it’s content. Why? Many times it’s because the church website is done by volunteers or by someone who knows very little about web design.  However, there is no excuse today for an outdated, poor looking website.  You may argue that your church has no money or no one with experience.  Well, WordPress has enabled people with no web design skills to create a good looking church website easily and affordably. Here are the easy steps to create a church website using ... Read More

Social Media is changing the World…Are We?

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Think about these stats for evangelizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ… If Christians had their own country, they would be the third largest. Someone becomes a Christian every second. There are more Bible preachers than the entire population of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea, and Australia. 167 million people regularly watch Bible teaching or preaching online. A recent revival saw 20 million people saved in 24 days. As you might have guessed, the above stats are not true.  Below are the actual stats. If ... Read More

Free Missions Video to Download

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For our 28th Annual National Youth Conference we had a missions theme entitled “Who Will Go?”.  For the conference we made an opening video that challenged the thousands in attendance to consider the missions field.  If young people today do not answer the call to tell others of Christ, who will?  I have cut out references to our conference so others can use it in their ministries.  You are welcome to use this free of charge for your youth meeting, youth conference, missions conference, church service, or whatever you like.  ... Read More

How to Create an Audio Podcast for Your Church

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picture from by OllyHart For the past several years we’ve been podcasting our Sunday church services at North Valley Baptist Church. Podcasting is a great tool for churches. It allows people to download and take sermons with them on their iPods, mp3 players, and other portable devices. Podcasting is fairly simple and very inexpensive. This post will take you through the steps on how to create a podcast for your church. 1. Determine the content of your podcast. There are podcasts on just about any subject you can think of ... Read More

Creating a Ministry Theme/Logo

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Also, see post on annual church theme ideas. For 30+ years the North Valley Baptist Church has had a yearly theme.  Since 2001, I’ve had the privilege to create a logo and a look for the new year.  We also have an annual youth conference, pastors’ conference, and missions conference.  For each of these conferences, there is a theme and design that goes along with each.  I must admit I’m not the greatest at coming up with the logo and theme.  It is usually a challenge, but a challenge I welcome and enjoy.  Here are some ... Read More

Managing a Large Ministry To Do List

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Working for a church is incredible. I get to work on things that matter for eternity. I also get to work on many things at once.  I have the privilege of overseeing all the media for the North Valley Baptist Church. This includes the graphic design, web, and video for the ministry.  I have 56 items on my to-do list now, ranging from book cover designs to website redesigns.  Thankfully, I have 3 incredibly talented guys that work for me.  Long ago, I tried to manage all my tasks on a running Word document.  That didn’t work out to ... Read More

Get Your Church Listed on Google for Free

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I don’t know of anyone that uses the yellow pages anymore.  You may, but I don’t.  Everyone I know uses google or other search engines to find things.  Many churches know this and have built websites so prospective church visitors can find them.  Perhaps, you have paid for someone to create a website, took the time to create it yourself, or you may have used a template to design it.  So, what now?  You have a website, but does anyone even know it’s there?  Even more importantly, does anyone know your church is ... Read More

Tech Gear Checklist for Missions Trip 2009

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Here is some of the gear that I bring on the Missions Trip. I have the awesome opportunity to go with our church on the annual missions trip.  I document the whole trip with pictures, a blog and video.  (Check out the Missions trip website – real content will be available on October 6)  It has been an annual trip for me, and I love it!  It is truly a highlight of my year.  I covet your prayers. During the trip, I will take thousands of photos, hours of video, work on daily blog posts for, and have the privilege to preach ... Read More