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Annual Church Theme Ideas

Annual Church Theme Ideas

Every year around October, an annual theme is determined for North Valley Baptist Church.  I’m not writing this post to discuss the value of church themes (I think they are great); there are other websites for that.  However, I do hope to be a help for those that are determining their church (youth, camp, class, etc.) theme and would like some ideas.

I am in no way an expert at designing logos (as you will see below), but for the past 10+ years I’ve had the privilege of creating the logo and the look for the annual theme. I’ve also had very talented and gifted people to help me along the way.  I’ve listed 25 years of North Valley Baptist Church themes.

Below are just a few of the graphics from the past 10 years.  Every year we create many designs, and I’ve just included a few of the logos, bulletins, banners, calendars and other miscellaneous items. Warning! Some of the designs are hideous…you’ve been forewarned.  :)

2012 – I Believe
2011 – The Year of the Bible (God’s Word Shall Stand)
2010 – Consumed with Compassion
2009 – Hope in God
2008 – So Much the More
2007 – With All My Heart
2006 – Our Soul Purpose
2005 – Making Him Known
2004 – Getting Ready Today…Moving Out Tomorrow
2003 – Let’s Build
2002 – For Such a Time as This
2001 – Revive Us Again
2000 – Silver Jubilee
1999 – As for Me and My House
1998 – God Can…Will You?
1997 – God Can
1996 – Fulfilling the Vision
1995 – Celebrating a 20 Year Tradition
1994 – The Year of the Family
1993 – Revival
1992 – Back to Basics
1991 – Sweet 16 (16th Anniversary)
1989 – People Reaching People
1988 – I Love My Church
1987 – Living for Heaven in 1987
1986 – A Family that Sticks in ‘86
1985 – Let’s Strive to Rise in ‘85
1984 – I’ll Give Much More in ‘84
1983 – Be Debt Free in ‘83
1982 – Let’s See It Through in ‘82
1981 – It Will Be Done in ‘81
1980 – Rise Up and Build

Most of the time there are many iterations of the logo. I’ve included some of the ideas for this past year below. iBelieve, it wasn’t the easiest logo. :)

By the way, here is a post on Creating an Annual Church Theme/Logo.

Do you have church themes? I would love to hear the themes your church has used in the comments below!


Jonathan Wells 12:00 pm - 11th February:

Wonderful! I love ideas and you’re always sharing them with everyone!

We don’t have a yearly theme as of yet, but our Preacher is wanting to start. I believe I’ll send him this link and let him read your post.

Thank you!!!

Michael Moyer 5:16 pm - 11th February:


I’m glad to hear that this post is a help! I just try to write what I think will be a help and/or an encouragement to those in church media. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

SRuss 11:11 am - 13th February:

Bro. Moyer, thanks for the inspiration! Also thanks for listing those themes. Great help for myself and other young assistant pastors as we ask God to broaden our vision and goals for our respective ministries!

Estevan Montoya 12:14 pm - 13th February:

Great article. It’s amazing to see how God can use such things for His glory. I liked the one that looked alike Apple, but then again, all were good!

Michael Moyer 12:38 pm - 15th February:


Thanks for the encouragement. I liked the Apple one too, but then again, everyone would think of it as the “Apple design.”

Michael Moyer 12:40 pm - 15th February:


I hope these posts are a help. I know I could have used a website like this when I was starting out in the ministry. Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

Greg 8:52 pm - 6th March:

Some very nice work, Michael. So how does the church use the theme throughout the year? Is the theme reflected just in the sermons? Do the different ministries align their goals for the year around that “theme”? Are bible studies created or adapted to also go with that same theme? Or is it just a rally cry of sorts that only lightly gets touched on throughout the year? In looking at the themes you worked on over the years, I like how the themes touch on various aspects of our spiritual lives (the bible, outreach, hope, compassion, etc). I would love to hear how your church is doing this in hopes that maybe this is something our church can start doing.

Michael Moyer 3:01 pm - 3rd April:


Every year is different. Sometimes our Pastor has a series based upon the theme. Other times, it is mentioned every once in a while, but the theme helps to set a direction for the church. For instance during the downturn in the economy and other potentially discouraging things in 2012, “I Believe” reminds us to have faith…believe God can. I hope that helps.

pastor Héctor Sánchez 1:09 pm - 24th September:






Aljho 10:56 am - 13th November:

Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Can we use the concept of these designs in our church? Hoping for your kind consideration. Thanks! By the way, we are affiliated to Pastor Alvin Martinez.

Michael Moyer 12:02 pm - 16th November:


Feel free to use these in your church in the Philippines. We love Bro. Alvin around here!

Luis Olivas 10:38 am - 18th December:

Michael, this is great stuff! This site has actually helped me out in thinking of a new theme for my church this year. I’ve always thought your work was impressive and the things I’ve seen on here is no exception. I pray that God will continue to use you in a great and mighty way. Take Care and God Bless You.

Michael Moyer 3:41 pm - 19th December:

Thanks, Luis, I appreciate the kind words. I’m glad to hear the blog has been a help!

Gerson9272 10:17 am - 26th December:

Hello Bro. Mike
Just want to thank you for always helping us out with our church media ideas. Its not very common to see man who will let others use their ideas. We have been borrowing your ideas and it has helped our church! I was wondering if I could use the “year of the Bible ” Spanish theme for our Spanish ministry? could you send me a copy of the file or let me know were I could find it.?
Thank you for all your help!

Michael Moyer 6:37 pm - 4th January:

Glad to hear the website has been a help! If you still need the logo, email me and I’ll be happy to send it your way.

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