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How to Live Stream Your Church Services

How to Live Stream a Church Service

Also, see article, “How to Live Stream Your Church Service for Free.”

North Valley Baptist Church was started in Santa Clara, California 34 years ago. The church is located in the center of the Silicon Valley. If you were to tell Pastor Trieber 34 years ago, he would be able to preach to people around the world LIVE, he would not have believed you. Yet now, 34 years later, he preaches to people around the globe – both live and throughout the week via archived video. The sun never sets on the ministry of North Valley Baptist Church. There are people watching the services, almost 24/7 and 365 days a year. We receive emails on a daily basis from people who watch our church services – To God be the Glory!

We have people regularly ask us how to set up a live streaming video ministry for their church. I hope to give you the basics of how to live stream your church service.

Equipment Needed to Live Stream and/or Record Your Church Services

In order to set up your auditorium, you will need some equipment. Here are the items you will need. I will list what equipment we use, you may use different types of equipment. This is just to give you an idea of what you need. There are much cheaper solutions for smaller churches. There is a PDF at the end of the article describing our old (cheaper) set up.

A Decent Computer

  • We use: an Intel Core 2 Quad 3.2 GHz Processor with 2 GB of RAM running Windows XP

Windows Media Encoder

  • This is free software for encoding the church service live. Window Media Video can be watched on both Mac and PC.

A Video Capture Card

Video Cameras

Audio Input

  • We mix our audio separately from the auditorium mix. We have a separate sound board for the internet video.

Streaming Server (if you are going to live stream your services)

  • There are many different companies that would like your business. We have a man in our church that has set up a streaming server. He does a very good job for a very good price. He also does this for other churches. I can get you his contact info if you would like.

Video Mixing Board (if you have more than one camera)

  • We use: the Edirol V-440HD (once again, we use this because of the HD signal)

(3) LCD Screens

Setting Up Your Equipment to Live Stream Your Church Service

Below is a diagram of how to set up your auditorium for live streaming. Once again, you can change out the pieces. It doesn’t have to be exactly like our set up. If you want, you can have one camera and audio source and go directly to your encoding computer.

Church Live Streaming Diagram

Church Live Streaming Diagram

Encode the Church Service Using Windows Media Player

Once you have the video and the audio hooked up to your encoding computer. Use Windows Media Player to encode your church services. We’ve found that around 300kbs is a good bit rate. This allows decent quality and also enables many different users to watch the services. If your bit rate is too high, many will not be able to watch your services. Windows Media Player pushes the video stream to our streaming server and saves the file automatically to add to our archived services.

Send the Video Stream to a Streaming Server

Your streaming service provider will supply details on how to do this. The streaming server allows multiple people to watch your service simultaneously.

Create a Link on Your Web Site

Once you are done, create a link so others can watch online. If you are unable to do live streaming video, you can still follow the above steps and then post your church services online for others to view later.

I hope this is a help to you. Please let me know if you have additional questions, I don’t have all the answers, but I will do my best to help.

Additional Resources:
Check out North Valley Baptist Church’s Live and Archived Video!
Download a PDF of our old (cheaper) live streaming configuration
How to Live Stream Your Church Service for Free

Michael Moyer

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Charlie 10:24 pm - 4th October:

Hey Mike Praise God for all the work you are doing and helping people spread the Gospel. Keep up the good work.. I have had a chance to get a hold of several companies that do offer online streaming for a fee monthly but would like to get the information of the brother from your church that sets up the servers to be able to compare which is the better and cheaper route for us to take.. Please. thanks a lot once again..

Hilarie 10:23 am - 5th October:

What about copyright issues with live streaming? Do you have licenses to cover the music you use? We sometimes use videos in our services, too, and are concerned about copyright issues for those, too. Any advice?

Michael Moyer 6:55 am - 18th October:


It’s my pleasure to help in any way that I can. I’ll send you an email with the contact info.

Jeremy Sharp 7:12 am - 18th October:

Hey Michael,

I really like what you have posted about online streaming of the live broadcast. Is this system also used for your on screen presentation during the actual service?

dennis 8:50 am - 20th October:

We are looking to do a multi-site approach to our expanding congregation. We want to keep the services at the original location and do a live stream to another location with 100 people or so.

I see there are products to record it to a hard drive then use sneaker net to get it to the other location to play back. I can understand that this eliminates a variable or two.

Would the method you wrote about work in my application? How would it looked being projection on a large screen? How risky is this considering you are using the internet and a server you don’t control?


Kris 9:18 am - 31st October:

Could you please tell me the name of the gentleman that does your live stream hosting? We are just getting started with this.

Have you ever thought about an e-book telling the step by step how to?

Thank you,

Michael Moyer 9:58 pm - 12th November:


Yes, our Edirol board outputs to our LCDs located throughout our auditorium.

Michael Moyer 9:59 pm - 12th November:


We make note of every song that is sung during our service and report those and pay royalties on each of them. Good question!

Michael Moyer 10:05 pm - 12th November:


Our video looks very good, but if you want it to look superb on the big screen you will need to bump up the quality. However, this will also bump up the bitrate and make it more difficult for some people to view. You always have to be cautious of completely relying on the internet and/or offsite servers. Our uptime is very good, but not 100%.

Michael Moyer 10:06 pm - 12th November:


I sent you an email with the contact information. As far as an e-book, no…but maybe I should. :)

Marcos 8:27 am - 9th December:

Hi Michael,

Great post. I really appreciate you sharing with us. You don’t know how hard it is to get good information on how to do this. Let alone get a daigram like what you posted. This is awesome and I thank God for you! May he continually bless the work you are doing. Thanks again.

Michael Moyer 1:20 pm - 9th December:


I’m glad to hear this blog has been a help! Thanks for taking a moment to let me know.

Loraine 10:48 am - 5th February:

We have been using Ustream with limited success for some time… recently it’s become incredibly buggy…. support won’t respond to the problem and we’ve only been able to get our services up 2 or 3 times in the last few months. I would be extremely interested in the server you were talking about that the man from your church does. is there a website you can direct me to or can you email me the details?
THanks so much!

Michael Moyer 7:32 pm - 11th February:

Hi Loraine,

I’ve emailed you the streaming server guys contact info. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by the blog.

Moor 1:59 pm - 15th February:

Hey Michael!
What a great article! I read this article 1st: and then read yours, and now I am streaming some video on my website. And if i may, I am using DaCast, they are great with support and very cheap.

Anyway, thanks again.
What God desires is generous hearts.

Michael Moyer 6:50 pm - 18th February:


I’m glad this article helped you as you started live streaming your church services!

Joshua 10:42 am - 5th April:

This was such a great article! It has helped me better understand streaming and how it works. Can you also pass along the info the the guy that set up your streaming server. We would like to do the same thing here if at all possible. We have been using ustream over the past few months and are very unsatisfied!! Thanks for all you do! God Bless!!!

Michael Moyer 12:43 am - 8th April:


Glad to hear the article was a help! I’ll send you the information via email.

Dave G 10:07 am - 11th April:

Michael, Your article was very informative. I would like to be put in touch with the individual that has set up live streaming servers at churches. We have some questions for him.

Michael Moyer 2:35 pm - 11th April:


Thanks for the kind words. I’ll send you the contact information.

Abel 5:35 am - 12th April:


Excellent work guys for this training material. Could you please email me the name of the Streaming guy that might be able to help our church.

Thank you

Cody Brown 5:03 am - 30th April:

Hey sir! Thanks so much for the information. Would you please send me an email with the contact information for the man in your church with the streaming server? Thanks!

Michael Moyer 4:23 pm - 30th April:

Hi Cody and Abel,

Great to know the article was a help. I’ll email you the requested information.

jason 7:19 pm - 20th May:

just read your blog. I found it extremely helpful. Could I ask for the contact of the guy with the streaming server set up. We are looking to upgrade from a problematic situation.

Michael Moyer 9:44 pm - 26th May:


I’ll send the info your way. Thanks for stopping by.

chy chy 5:36 pm - 15th June:

i want to start live streaming in my church and my studio. please link me to the person that can help me. thanks.

Pastor Jim Colliins 8:05 am - 1st July:

Hey thanks for helping people understand video distribution and the audio you are by sure helping hundreds if not thousand of people and end results helping millions hear the Gospel Praise the Lord for Guys Like You!

Pastor Jim Collins
World Evangelist
Lawrenceburg, KY

Shola 6:43 pm - 8th July:

Thank you very much for this precious information. May the Lord bless and prosper you and your ministry. Can you please give me the name of the young man who has set up a streaming server. Thank you.

Michael Moyer 11:42 am - 9th July:

Chy Chy and Shola,

I’ll send the information your way. Thanks for stopping by.

Pastor Collins,

Thanks for being an encouragement! My goal is to be a help to others as they endeavor to reach this wold with the Gospel.

Shola 2:38 pm - 21st July:

Still waiting for the name of the young man from your church who has set up a streaming server

Todd Herbert II 2:06 pm - 11th January:

Thank you so much. I finally understand how live streaming works.

Michael 11:06 am - 26th January:

Michael, bless you!
We want to start live streaming for my church. Can you kindly send me the name and contact information for the brother in your church that set up your live streaming server.

Alex 2:28 pm - 12th February:

I am new to live streaming and I’m researching on how our church can live stream our services. I have a question, even if we set up through a streaming server, are we still capped by our internet service provider’s upload speed?

Michael Moyer 12:03 pm - 13th February:


Yes, it is true that you are capped by your ISP, but you are only sending one video stream to the streaming server. The streaming server allows multiple people to watch simultaneously.


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